Coups de coeur


Vendredi 21 décembre de 17h à 21h30


du 06/12/2018 au 06/01/2019

Exhibition AN 1

A retrospective of 4 exposed artists this season: Valle, Otxoa, Jauregi, Etxebarria.

Adresse :
Galerie d'art Arte Bideak
2 Rue Pocalette

du 15/12/2018 au 22/12/2018

Winter at the restaurant

The restaurant owners of the Basque Country welcome you in this early winter to make you discover or rediscover their cooking. In Ciboure, discover the cooking of restaurants Alaia, Arrantzaleak, L'Ephémère and La Grignotte. Reserve directly your table with the chosen restaurant by specifying: winter to the restaurant.

Adresse :

du 18/12/2018 au 23/12/2018

Korsariak Edo piratak 'In the footsteps of our Corsaires' à 10h00

History of our maritime heritage, private collections, conferences, objects, models, documents, paintings.... With the participation of the Ordre des corsaires Basques, the support of the Basque Museum, Jakintza and the city of Ciboure. On-site program and reservation.

Adresse :
Tour de Bordagain
Rue de la Tour

le 19/12/2018 à 16:15

Visit: "The church of Ciboure and her secrets" à 16h15

Open the doors of the church "Saint Vincent" Meet: In front of the church "Saint Vincent"

Adresse :
Bureau d'accueil touristique
Place Camille Jullian

le 20/12/2018 à 18:00

Workshop of cooking - Copie à 18h00

Need for ideas for your meals of Christmas parties ? Meeting under the capital to participate in the workshop of cooking... Information and reservation in the Tourist Reception of Ciboure : 05 59 47 64 56

Adresse :
Fronton municipal
place du fronton

le 20/12/2018 à 10:00

Animation reading by the Libre Pluma association - Copie à 10h00

Animation reading for the 0-3 years old followed by a little snack.

Adresse :
Bibliothèque municipale
Avenue François Mitterrand

le 21/12/2018 à 13:45

Olentzero with children of the schools à 13h45

Olentzero with the children of the schools. Start from the "fronton" at 1:45 pm for a parade with music in the old city. A snack will be offered for the kids of the school by municipality.

Adresse :
Fronton municipal

le 21/12/2018 à 18:30

Olentzero with Ziburu Euskaldun and Herrian Kantuz with Kanta Donibane à 18h30

Herrian Kantuz with Ziburu Euskaldun and Kanta Donibane. Start from "fronton" at 6:30 pm.

Adresse :
dans les rues de Ciboure

le 21/12/2018 à 17:30

Christmas market with matxuka à 17h30

You don't have all your Christmas presents ?? Then meet to the market of the creative craftsmen inside the tent in "fronton"

Adresse :
Fronton municipal
Place du fronton

du 22/12/2018 au 30/12/2018

Christmas in Ciboure

Lot of animations for celebrate Christmas.

Adresse :
Place du Fronton